We will patiently prepare you to enjoy social dancing. There are no exams or tests, just coaching and encouragement in a friendly atmosphere. You will be introduced to the essentials of your chosen dance within weeks and then you will gradually grow in confidence and competence. We will introduce you to the local social dance scene where you will be able to join with fellow dancers to enjoy live bands and record hops. For 2019 we are offering discounted packages for four weeks of level 1 classes when you pre-book.

LINDY HOP on TUESDAYS from 8.00 pm
St Luke's Parish Hall

The '20s are about to come roaring back so get ready to party with some sumptuous swing dancing. Lindy Hop came from the cultural mix of Harlem’s ballrooms and decided to stick around which is great for each generation that discovers it all around the world. This amazing free-style partner dance fits with all types and tempos of swinging music.

Learn to Lindy Hop with a couple who have lived together in swing dance for over 20 years, having been the first in Reading to promote the revival of this style back in 1994. Brought together by their mutual love of dance they have traveled widely to learn from many of the very best swing dance teachers and love to share their passion and insight with those taking their first steps into this world of fun.

Weekly on Tuesday evenings from 8.00 pm in central Reading at St Luke’s Parish Hall, Erleigh Road RG1 5LR (near the Royal Berks Hospital and Palmer Park).

No previous experience needed - just come ready to have bags of fun. Bring a partner or come alone - it's up to you.

Book a beginners course HERE

Each week starts with 45 minutes of content for beginners and revision of fundamental elements from 8.00 pm followed by more stretching content to take you up to advanced level Lindy Hop.

Level 2 classes for more experienced dancers are from 8.45 to 9.30.

Beginners levels class are available at a discount in 4-week blocks for just £20 - BOOK HERE: includes course dates

Standard Prices: £8 each cash on the night each week which includes both Level 1 and Level 2 classes.

In the Level 2 classes we spend time adding more advanced ideas to continue to stretch and develop your dancing.


Getting to St Luke's Hall, and parking options

These classes are held in this beautiful listed building, maintained to a high standard.

Just off the A4 London Rd, close to the Royal Berks Hospital and Reading School. In addition to regular bus services there are four options for free car parking at the hall and in the immediate area through our local agreements.


35 Erleigh Road, Reading RG1 5LR


From Kings Rd come via Eldon Rd.
From the A4 London Rd take Alexandra Rd.
From Wokingham Rd follow Crescent Rd.
From Shinfield Rd come via Elmhurst Rd.

The Parish Hall is 100 yards from the intersection with Alexandra Rd, between the Royal Berkshire Hospital and Palmer Park.

 ST Lukes Hall Exterior View

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